Senior Pics


I love doing seniors!!  I love watching them go from reserved, "I am only doing this for my parents" attitude.... to.... "Wow...this is so much fun"!  

I love watching their personalities come to life in front of the lens.  A great senior photographer is one that is able to

co-create with the teen to capture their personality on camera.    


My goal is to capture who they are were in high school, because someday both the senior and their families will look back fondly on the pics as a trip down memory lane to see who they werel.....and who they have become.


 Senior packages are customized to the senior's interests, activies, school sports, accomplishments, or hobbies.  Anything is possible with seniors!!  All Senior packages include a few photoshopped backgrounds to reflect some of their fondest memories which can't always be acheived creatively with studio backdrops and familiar outdoor scenes.  Seniors allow me to stretch the creative envelope to provide them with the most unique and memorable photos.

Interested in knowing more?  Email me and we can chat further to plan a creative senior photo package that meets your needs and reflects your seniors personality and interersts.



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